Poor Clare Monastery of St. Clare

As cloistered contemplatives, we are a community of sisters wholly dedicated to praying for the Church and for all of God's people. The center and high point of our life is the daily Eucharist, and we give the Lord "the praise that is due" (Ps 146:1) seven times a day through the liturgy of the Hours, the Prayer of the Church, including the midnight Office of Readings. We also have three hours of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and spend at least one and a half hours per day in private prayer with Him. Praying the rosary and the Franciscan Crown and following the Way of the Cross are important parts of our daily life.

Our prayer is our mission in the Church and in the world. The Monastery of St. Clare is one of six Poor Clare monasteries in Canada: two English-speaking in British Columbia, and four French-speaking, in Quebec.


Sr. Claire Marie O.S.C.
Vocation Director
P.O. Box 3370
8589 Draper Street
Mission, BC V2V 4J5




Professed Members: 9
Year Founded: 1950
Federation: British Colombia
Archdiocese: Vancouver, BC
Worldwide: 70 countries
Qualifications: We ask candidates to have some experience of work after graduating from high school or college and to live independent of their families for a time.
Formation: 1 year of Postulancy, 2 years of Novitiate plus 3 years in the First Profession leading to Solemn Profession.
Age range/limit: 18-40
Belated vocations? We don't usually take anyone over 40 as our life is quite demanding. There is need of flexibility in our very counter-cultural life.